Optexture has teamed up with César Giraldo and Grounded Productions to take the 2017 LCDQ Legends festival to the next level. The La Cienega Design Quarter’s Legends 2017 is a 3-day celebration of design that brings together thousands of VIPs and tastemakers from the worlds of interior design, decor, art, fashion and architecture.

La Cienega Design Quarter Legends 2017 - Your True Colors - May 9-11

Your True Colors – Legends 2017

We worked with designer César Giraldo to create custom video content and set up a projection backdrop for his installation at the storefront of the Jonas Furniture Gallery. The video was produced using filmed footage and a generative particle system, processed through Tekt’s vjzual3 TouchDesigner system, and finally sequenced through Adobe AfterEffects and Premiere. All of that was combined into a video representation of César’s aesthetic and the mood of the installation.

LCDQ projection testLCDQ opening night

The installation will be up throughout May 2017. Stop by (after sunset) and check it out!