Optexture was very lucky to be part of something quite big in the last few months. Back in September, our founder Jon was approached to do projections on a music video in Burbank at a soundstage. He was selected to project on a rising female latin america star, Martina Stoessel (which everyone calls Tini). The music video was even more exciting since Fatima Robinson was Director, who is known for amazing choreography in the like of Pharrell  and Michael Jackson music videos.

Being hired as a Projection Artist was an interesting place to be on set. Being on a studio set is being part of an army, everyone has their place and job. It is setup so that the Director is the general, who only focuses on the video. The Assistant Director is the one who get the scenes set up, communicates the needs to the production crew, and so on down the line. A projection Artist is outside this somewhat, as they are treated as a special asset, so they answer to the Director. Being a specialist does have its perks! “I was working on my part (creating motion graphics like lines and crosses to move over Tini), and a serious looking person comes up and starts asking about my work, this turned out to be the Director, which never happens”.



We are very proud of Jon’s work, check out the video below. At the time of this writing, it is at over 2 Million views in 10 days. You can see the contributions of Optextures work around the 2 minute mark.